Our Story

The All Nations Congregation is a ministry of the Cincinnati Chinese Church (CCC). The beginnings of CCC occurred in about 1965, when Chinese Christians, mostly immigrants from Asia, began meeting to pray and study the bible. A few years later, in 1971, this group of believers took the next step and formed the Cincinnati Chinese Church. There were a handful of children, and a children's Sunday school was formed to teach them God's word. These children eventually grew up, and thus a youth group was formed. The youth grew up, went to college, and some returned to CCC, and thus a young adult group was formed. The leaders of CCC saw the need for a more structured ministry for these young adults, and a separate worship service was formed where English was the primary language. Over time this separate ministry took on the name, "All Nations Congregation."

We call ourselves the All Nations Congregation because, even though a large number of us have ties to the Chinese culture, we in no way want to send a message that you must have a Chinese background in order to come. We welcome people from every nation, tribe, or tongue. 

Though the name "All Nations", sounds simple, it is not always so. A person born in the U.S.A. but whose parents came from Taiwan or Mainland China will ask himself or herself, "Am I Chinese, am I American, am I both?" Likewise, we as the All Nations Congregation ask ourselves similar questions: are we simply an English speaking congregation in a Chinese Church? How much do we engage with the Chinese speaking members of our church? How much do we throw ourselves into missionary efforts to East Asia? How much effort do we make to reach second generation Chinese, and how much effort do we make to simply reach out to the person next door. How much do we embrace our Chinese roots, and how much do we distance ourselves from these same roots?

It would be nice to have these answers well defined. And it would also be nice to have more complete answers from God's word about difficult subjects such as the end of the world and Jesus' second coming. But as much as that knowledge could ease confusion and answer questions, God desires simply that we would be faithful to what He has given us, that we love Him and one another. At ANC, we seek to do that, we stumble, we fall, we get it wrong at times, but we do our best to get up, to walk with one another in truth and humility. There are questions and uncertainties in the path ahead of us, but there is also One who walks with us down this path, and we know that He is faithful and true.